I coulda, shoulda, woulda…

As you get older you have more to reflect on. The beauty of youth is the feeling of invincibility. But unfortunately, crap happens, to let us know we are not invincible.

If I look back on my life, I can never say there is anything I would ever change, because changing one thing in the past changes everything in the future (I’m sure you’ve seen Terminator movies, or Back To The Future…)

When I look at my kids… if one thing changed, they would not be here. Because everything in the past is what lead up to the point where they were born. So I don’t even give a thought to changing anything…. even playing High School football which caused me have knee surgery and knee complications years later down the road.

What do you have in your life that you would NEVER give up? If you have kids, then you too, have lived your life to the point where they are here today. Remember it had to be that exact condition for egg fertilization for them to be here today. One minute difference could have made a difference.

What else in your life are you not willing to give up? Your career?… your business?… your significant other?… what is it?

You’ve live your life to this point to have that thing they you would not want to give up.

So as my daughters would say to me during their young teenage years…. what’s your point Dad…

…My point is… be happy where you are today….

… but don’t be content. Strive for more. Do something meaningful…. Make it Count!

An old friend and business partner owned several dogs at a time… for many, many years. And he had one dog in particular over the years that was able to sit and watch TV…. not only that… but… the dog seemed to know that putting its paw on the remote control changed the channel or put the TV on if it was off!

So my question to you is… are you sitting in front of the TV with the remote control during prime business hours?!?! Don’t!!! Don’t do what a dog can do…. you were made for greatness. God put inside each and everyone of us seeds for greatness….

… but like any seed… to grow… it must be planted in fertile soil, watered, fertilized, given sunshine, and cultivated.

Are you doing that with your seeds of greatness? Watering and Fertilizing so your seed can sprout and eventually grow to full potential?

Associate with positive people that are doing something great with their lives.

Read books that add value to your life.

Realize that God made you in His image and He wants you to prosper even as your soul prospers.

Live life with no regrets of the past, but be mindful to live to your full potential in the future. ¬†You can do it… but it’s up to you to make it happen.


About me: I am a successful home networker and have now been full time at home the last 7 years. I created a huge income in offline network marketing and then recently was able to triple that income using Internet and Email marketing techniques.

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