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The only difference between me and the unsuccessful network marketer is that not only did I have a desire to learn, but that I took action on whatever it was that I did learn; and then took the time to teach that to my teams.

I tried everything I could think of to make extra income while working full time. I tried surveys, stuffing envelopes, typing at home, driving a cab, working as a consultant on the weekends in my mainframe field, selling ebooks,… you name it, I probably joined it or looked into it.

I even sent away for TJ Rohleder of M.O.R.E. Inc. stuff and didn’t make any money! … and today TJ is a friend and I love reading his books.

Anyway, I had no online marketing background when I first started out online. I worked with mainframe computers which is all “green screen” text based and totally opposite of GUI type internet apps. And to top it off, I was in a traditional offline MLM business.

To go way back, I remember sitting at my job, in my cubicle at my desk, in the Wall Street Area of New York City. I remember thinking that I would be doing this for the rest of my life. Then I realized… so is everybody else doing this the rest of their lives… what makes me so different??

And that alone made me a little different. Not everyone ask that question. You probably did and that is why you are here.

The few people that do ask the question of “is there a better way?” take the first step towards separating themselves from the folks that just go on their merry way… living a mediocre lifestyle, never thinking there could be more.

But like Keanu Reeves, in the Matrix, where they said either take the Blue pill or the Red pill… and based on which color pill you take, you will either go back to “the lie of the Matrix” or wake up in the real world… controlling your destiny and helping others.. the choice was his.

Like Keanu, I think I took the reality pill… because I separated myself from those that asked “is there a better way” by doing one thing…. I was willing to take action.

Big Money


So a few months after that time sitting in my cubicle where I resigned myself to having to do that the rest of my life, I went to an event. My car was not working so I had to take Amtrak to get there and pay with money I didn’t really have.

I got started in a traditional Network Marketing / Multilevel Marketing company. There is obviously a long story about that, but in a relatively short period of time I got myself to earning over $100k per year.

I ran with this for the next bunch of years and made a lot of money, but a lot of times I was controlled by the company changing rules, or product lines, or the team leadership making stupid decisions… but I only did one thing… stayed out of the politics as much as I could and just showed the plan, over and over again… and continued to make money.

And what did I teach my team?…

…Show the plan.

But how do you get to show the plan?…

…By making phone calls and booking the appointments.

But how do you get to make the phone calls?…

…By constantly adding to your list and making cold contacts.

But how do I make cold contacts?…

…By getting out of your house, sticking out your hand and saying “hi” to strangers.

And you know… we gave our folks all the ammunition they needed to gather up the courage to make cold contacts by telling them:

“a stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet”
“action cures fear”
“is your fear of making cold contacts greater than your desire to provide for your family?”
“just do it”
“all they can say is yes, no or maybe”
and on and on…

And after 20+ years of me doing this too… I mean I am a 6 figure work at home earner, and I go to the mall and try to contact a 21 year old making just above minimum wage or a  sharp 28 year old making $30,000 or $40,000 or even $80,000 per year on his “professional job”, they are in debt, can’t make ends meet, and half of them look at you like “do I know you?!?”.

After 20+ years, even the best of hunters want a change in scenery… how about that change in scenery is… you now “become the hunted”.

I delved into internet marketing and invested tons of money in courses, programs, software, books, ebooks, seminars. I subscribed to everything.

And I thought I needed to learn and know everything before I could be successful.

And I got into the mode of constantly studying and analyzing… but not taking action.

Ever hear the expression the “paralysis of analysis”?

There is only one thing that makes money… and that is action.

So a good formula I like to tell at my seminars and personal students and downline is to divide their day into:

– personal development


– Marketing

Your personal development will come from reading books on success and listening to audio records for your business.

Marketing comes down to one thing TRAFFIC.

TRAFFIC to your website develops into…

    … LEADS  – and a percentage of those leads…

        … CONVERT into sales.

It took many programs and training webinars for me to find out the above.

And I remember getting my first free opt-in. I was so excited, you’d think I won the lottery.

Wow, someone actually put in their information to learn what I had! That was my first taste of lead generation. Over the years I started to clean up my skills and be more efficient with what I already knew how to do. I didn’t know a lot but I started to add tools to my internet marketing belt.

The key was when I zeroed in on:

Traffic – Leads – Conversions

The whole idea of making a residual stream of income is to be able to build a business even when your still working, on vacation, and even sleeping. Believe it or not many people don’t have to go full time in the industry to make some serious money. What if you love your primary job? What if you love your primary MLM? Why leave if if you don’t have to.

That being the case, I have found a way to market any MLM Opportunity while still working full time as a Mainframe Systems Engineer. The principle is that you don’t have to work full time to generate 40+ leads a day.

I am a father of 3  and I married my teenage sweetheart. I’m not here to convince you that I am this person on a cloud. I am a real person that does coach serious network marketers. Due to my time constraints I do NOT train everyone. I only work with serious people who want to change their financial future.

The simple interview I give everyone is:

  1. Can you check email regularly to do business through email?
  2. Can you watch online videos?
  3. Are you open minded and follow direction well?
  4. Do you have at least 1-2 hours a day to work on your online business?
  5. Do you have at least $50 to your name? This is a business not a Hobby.

If you can pass this interview process then you are on your way to learning from me, personally. I will teach you HOW to generate some serious income and leads. By doing this you can take YOUR network marketing business and live the life you had envisioned when you first started.

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