What does it take to make money online

Everybody is looking to make money online but they just don’t know

What does it take to make money online

First thing I tell my team is that this isn’t a lottery.

It doesn’t involve guesswork or luck.

This is a real business. And your online business, like any offline business has specific rules for success.


And if you follow those rules, you will create success for yourself.

If you don’t follow those rules, then you’ll be frustrated and broke.

First rule of any business is you need to be able to make and deliver a good product needed in the marketplace.

So most of us don’t make the product. We get the product brought to the marketplace as marketers.

And second, if the maker of the product wants their product sold, they better have a good profit (or compensation plan) available to us marketers.

So as marketers its important to pick a good company that has a product that is in demand and had a good plan for our efforts, and has a track record for payment on time.

I have my recommendations below for the best companies.

Next you need a list in order to become successful online.
If you’re expected to create any type of success online, you need to have a list.

Now, there are certain times when you come into a business and find specific people catapulting to success. I would venture to say that many of these folks had already started with a list.

Then there are those that come into a business, don’t have much success in the beginning, but continue doing the core values of that business. The core values meaning the recommended steps in order to build that business. And during that time, they are building a list for the very first time. And as they continue to grow their list, then all of a sudden, they have a great Spurt of growth.

They end up looking like an overnight success. But that’s not the case. It was continual effort on their part where you could not witness any Financial growth. But the growth was on the inside. Where they grew as a person, as a marketer, as an entrepreneur.

The reason why they then look like an over night success is that no one paid attention to them while they were not a financial success. No one knew of them. But they continued building the list. All of a sudden when their list hit critical mass, the money started pouring in.

Success? Yes… Overnight success? No.


The perception of the overnight sensation was over a Year’s period of time. How many people are willing to work through that amount of time without any success to show for it. At least any financial success?

And last, is the person that comes into the business, and stays active for relatively short amount of time and then quit. The problem is they may have quit just before their break through. Their success may have been just around the next corner. But they will never know because they quit too soon.

I’ve filtered through a lot of businesses. There was a lot of trial and error. Unfortunately trial and error translates into time and money. I happened to have both. Most people don’t. Although I had both time and money to waste, it is still stupid to waste it.

But my mistakes, is my teams wisdom.

So I’ve found some companies with great products but they had a lousy profit margin.

Then I’ve found some great products that were from unstable companies and those companies are gone.

And yet I found some of the best compensation plans on the market, but the products were not worth it and hence would never sell in the marketplace.

But here is a company you can look at that has a great compensation plan – up to 70%.

I found them to have a product that is in high demand and… has an almost 5 year stellar track record of paying on time and regularly. And I joined them with virtually no online marketing experience and no list and was almost immediately able to get my list to the 1000’s and hit the leader boards for both most leads generated and most number of sign-ups.

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We’ll Continue to move you along to you next successive goals:

Fourth Step: Bronze gets you to $2,000 per month

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Above Incomes not typical. Incomes are explained here.

But if your willing to take action that is not typical, then you can have results that are not typical.

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Join me here to get full access to our Authority Blogging Platform: Kalatu. 


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Watch me here==> http://HiPays.BestBiz4Me.com
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