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5 Ways To Get More Leads or Contacts For A Network Marketing Business

I’ve been in the Networking / MLM Business, both Offline and Online for a number of  years so I wanted to share my experience of:

5 Ways To Get More Leads or Contacts For  A Network Marketing Business.

Whenever I’d get a new person started in Network Marketing, they typically have some quick success because I combine my experience with their sphere of influence. 

This explains why I have a great deal of success with individuals that are already considered “successful” in life, such as Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, etc. Because when I use my experience to call from the the successful persons list, I typically hear a response such as “well if  Joe / Mary are involved, then I’m interested in hearing about what you have to say.”


But, on the other hand, when I try to help a person with not as successful a career, I will get more responses such as “not interested”.

This is why you always see that when a celebrity or sports star starts within Networking, they have instant success. I mean who would not want to go to a hotel opportunity meeting where hypothetically a Brad Pitt or Jessica Alba would be doing the presentation!

So let’s say you are not a celebrity, and you need to grow your business, here

5 Ways To Get More Leads or Contacts For A Network Marketing Business

1- Meet people on your morning commute: 
There is no better feeling than starting your day at your J.O.B. than when you’ve already added to your list of names first thing in the morning. My commute was always with Mass Transportation such as a Train, so I had a captive audience. But remember that a cornered rat usually attacks. So you need to realize “personal space”. Make it nonchalant.  Someone is reading the sports page bring up last nights games, etc. If the conversation goes smooth, contact them. If on the other hand they “growl” at you, sit somewhere else and meet someone else.
I’ve also had a morning commute where I would drive to work. Well then stop by and get coffee or the gas station. Always just put in $10 worth of gas so you are constantly stopping for gas and meeting new prospects.
2- Meet people at the Gym
Now here the expression “don’t crap where you eat” comes into play.
dont crap
The gym should be a form of escape for you and something that you should be going to 5 days a week if you want to live a long healthy life (in my opinion). You don’t want to go to the gym being “there’s the guy that’s gonna pitch you his business as soon as you say hi to him”. So there you develop relationships and over time as you get to know someone, when they ask you what you do for a living, don’t mention you work in a bank or at Walmart. Tell them, “well among other things, I own my own business”. Now if that sparks their curiosity they will ask you questions about it. If not, it means they are not curious… so don’t force it on them.
3- Ex-Co-Workers
This is my favorite list. Most people are their “best self” at work. So most of your ex-co-workers don’t know us for the idiot things we did/do outside of work… Unless you were the idiot that kept getting drunk and vomiting at the Company Christmas party. So when you these people are called about looking at your opportunity, you can have great success with this. Take the time to list all the jobs you had, write down everyone you can remember from there and find them on Facebook and other social media.
 work job cubicle office
4- Anyhwere you spend or spent money
This includes car dealers, hair cutters, realtors, your insurance broker, dentists, doctors, clerks at the stores you shop, bankers (this works especially good when depositing large Networking checks), waiters at restaurants you frequent, etc. If you spend money with someone, they should at least have the courtesy to hear what you’ve got to say. I have plenty of Dentist on my list of Networked dentist on my dental plan. Its easy to switch dentist if they don’t give me the time of day. And if you’re into Cars, or Electronics or Computers, although you may not be in the market for a purchase currently, go out “window shopping” or dream building and make the contacts while you are doing that.
OPSOI = Other Peoples Sphere Of Infulence. This is where reading those great self development books come into play. Books such as How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, etc. This will make you seem like the leader that you are. The right words, and stories will come naturally to you the more you read. I don’t care if you are at the bottom of the Employment chain at your local supermarket or department store, if you read these business books at the rate of 2 per month, that’s about 30 minutes a day depending on how fast you read, etc. then you can come across as a leader and you can have Doctors and Engineers hanging on your every word when you teach them about building the business.
So… back to OPSOI. When you start someone new, as you learn to relate to people by reading these people skill books, you will be more effective and accessing that new persons sphere of influence, because you gain some of their trust as you come across as a leader. And then, when you create some success for them from their list, you will have all their trust to be able to access more of their list… the list that we call the chicken list… which usually includes their highest caliber of prospects.
The above 5 methods is obviously only using OFF-LINE methods. I had done Off-Line methods for over a dozen years adding 1000’s of people to my network, making millions in sales and commissions while driving my car usually ofer 30,000 miles per year.
Online methods now far surpass offline methods of contacting insofar as reach beyond your geographic location and numbers. And when you do it right using a “sales funnel” can work for you 24×7.
I am including a video below that shows Offline Methods versus Online Methods of building your business.  I use a standard 4 step approach, but this video shows the first 2 steps which is dedicated to adding to your list and the initial contact.

 And it’s not supposed to be all about the work. It’s about achieving your goals and dreams once you employ the above 

5 Ways To Get More Leads Or Contacts For A Network Marketing Business