Offline Versus Online List Building Strategies

Here is an Unlisted Video I have on YouTube showing:

Offline Versus Online List Building Strategies

Everyone has heard the saying that the “Money Is In The List” and in this Video Intro Module I will show you how to build your list fast.

By building your list fast, you can then separate yourself from every other marketer… provided you have an effective follow up.

An effective follow up increase your your ROI – Return On Investment.

Watch this quick video that shows you how to accelerate you Business Growth.

If you’re in a Networking Biz Op now…

…and have not seen the results that you would like to see…

It all boils down to not enough prospects are seeing your opportunity through you.

It comes down to how many leads do you have and how many times are you connecting with those leads to show them your opportunity.So, if your looking to:

– get more leads for your business…
– get into profit sooner than later…
– brand yourself
– get people to know like a trust you before you even met them…
– And become the hunted, rather than continually hint and go through tire kicker…

Then you need a presence on the internet.

I’m not talking about a website, because a website is like putting your advertisement billboard in the middle of the desert.

You need a viral – authority Blog. And the only one that I can recommend is the Kalatu Blogging Platform only from Empower Network.

Join me here to get full access to our Authority Blogging Platform: Kalatu.



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What happens when you join me: 

With Empower Network I will show you in Seven simple steps how to reach your financial goals.

First Step- 3 sales per month of each product… minimally the subscription products such as Affiliate, of Kalatu Basic, Kalatu Premium, Inner Circle.

That get’s your subscription to that product for free as described in this post:  

“Getting started with Empower Network and getting into profit ASAP”

Once you reach your first goal, then I will guide you on how to achieve your next goal:

Second Step- Get a total of 5 sales within the month so that you hit BOSS and get additional BOSS bonuses. 

And then I will show you how to hit your third goal:

Third Step- is to find someone on your team who is willing to duplicate you and get BOSS done for themselves. This gets them to get there subscription product free when then have 3 Active subscriptions. And with hitting 5 sales then are now BOSS with eligibilty for the BOSS bonuses. 

And now you are a BOSS MAKER. 

We’ll Continue to move you along to you next successive goals:

Fourth Step: Bronze gets you to $2,000 per month

Fifth Step: Silver  gets you to $5,000 per month

Sixth Step: Gold gets you to $10,000 per month

Seventh Step: Platinum gets you to $30,000 per month and hold that for in excess of $360,000 per year.

Above Incomes not typical. Incomes are explained here.

But if your willing to take action that is not typical, then you can have results that are not typical.

And it all starts with 2 sales per day: 

2 Sales a Day to Reach $10k per Month 

Join me here to get full access to our Authority Blogging Platform: Kalatu. 

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2 cents

Join me here to get full access to our Authority Blogging Platform: Kalatu. 


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Watch me here==>
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5- You get the above in addition to regular EN training schedule
6- You get access to hugely discounted traffic CO-Ops
7- You get more… just reply back to me

Fire your boss…
…Break free…
…get independent…


Retirement doesn’t take age… it takes money… And… Residuals is king… when you have enough residuals coming in greater than all your bills… then you are f’ree…

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