It’s Important To Not Confuse Activity With Accomplishment

So it’s a Friday and my wife and I and another couple take a ride to grab dinner at the Crab Shack. They tell us it’s a 20 minute wait. And being that number 1: they have an empty bar since they still don’t have their liquor license and number 2: it’s a beautiful summer early evening, we sit outside 40 minutes waiting for our table to be ready (remember they said 20 minutes). 

So while our wives chit chatted about nothing for 40 minutes straight without taking a breath, me and my buddy just tried to kill sometime, paced back and forth and talked sports and stuff. At the corner was one of those Crosswalk Signal Buttons: 


crosswalk signal button-mine

So I put my Rolex with it’s Swiss movement secondhand to good use and did a couple of experiments of timing the Traffic signals with and without pushing the button… know what I found out?

Pushing the button made no difference in the time the light changed green in  favor of the pedestrian. 

Now this is a really bad scientific experiment, because it was only one Push Button Signal at one time of the day. A real experiment is obviously bunch of different signals at different times of the day. 

But this post is not about traffic signal buttons, but about the lesson of not confusing activity with accomplishment.

And doing a web-search you find out most of these buttons don’t work, even considered a sort of placebo to give the pedestrian something to do.

So, I could have been super busy pushing that button 60 times a minute, and that would have kept me busy doing something… Taking Massive Action… but it would not have helped me in my goal of getting across the street any faster

I know most Entrepreneurs are type “A” personalities… they are “drivers”, “do-ers”.  They have to be doing something in order to feel they are working towards their goal. It’s the feeling of activity that lets them feel better than just sitting idle. 

I know a lot of folks go by the saying: Imperfect activity is always better than no activity.

But if you’re busy doing the ineffective stuff, you’re just spinning your wheels. 

SUCCESS IS A PLANNED EVENT… It doesn’t come by accident. It doesn’t happen by throwing enough mud up on the wall, and hoping some of it’s gotta stick. 

So rather than working at it 20 hours per day and loosing time with your spouse and kids and family and friends, you get to doing the right things down to an exact science and that free’s up time for family, fitness and fun.

So… when it comes to making money online, there are specific activities that all the guru’s do, and just as important, this activities are done in a specific order. 

The best way to create success online is to have a daily activity checklist and go through. 

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