Failure Is The Stepping Stone To Success

I remember having a Job mentality, and wanting to get my paycheck and Medical benefits just for warming up a chair. And lived for Friday’s… and depressed all over again Sunday evening.

I remember working a lot of hours and weekends, accomplishing what my manager said “great things”. I remember in one of my yearly reviews, my manager said ” Vic single-handedly eliminated all SLA outages. His work took the nightly issues from 30 – 40 issues a night, down to zero to 1 issues per night”. That was a great review, and earned me a 10% raise when the norm was 2% to 4%.

BUT, why was I still living paycheck to paycheck? Why was I still in debt? Why did my wife have to go back to work with a pre-schooler at home after over spending one Christmas season.

It’s the same reason why a Cop, or Fireman, or School Teacher or Nurse usually hurt financially. Any Employer will always try to pay you the lowest amount they could.

A job will pay you just enough so that you don’t quit.. but not enough for you to achieve your dream lifestyle.

Isn’t is a shame that a Cop or Firefighter, or Nurse… all of whom run towards trouble when the rest of us run away from trouble have to live Paycheck to Paycheck. Or returning Military Personnel that faced great danger and made great sacrifices for the amount of time they Served, come home to a life of mediocrity… looking to find work that hopefully pays $50,000 – $60,000 per year?

But that’s life’s harsh reality.

We all had grand dream and goals when we’re little kids… wanting to be a scientist, or professional ballplayer or Astronaut… somewhere along the path to adulthood that dream gets squashed.

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Many people hear the 2 MOST COMMON DREAM STEALING WORDS….. “BE REALISTIC!!”,… usually from their own parents.

Those 2 words… “BE REALISTIC” have probably been responsible for stealing more dreams from ambitious young folks… than anything else… And to top it off, those 2 words… “BE REALISTIC” typically come from the people that love them the most.

These loved ones, parent, guardian, uncle, aunt, teacher… whoever… meant well. But as Jesus said while giving his Life up to God on the cross: “Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do”… your parents, loved ones that say “BE REALISTIC”… knew not what they were saying.

They thought they were helping you… protecting you from disappointment…. protecting you from getting your hopes up to high and then in the end failing…

But little did they know, they were saying: you cannot be great. You are destined for mediocrity. You will fail.

But every person that has ever accomplished great things knows that:

Failure is the Stepping stone to success

You my friend,  can do whatever it is that you are passionate about and put your heart and soul and mind to.

You can have anything in life that you want… you just can’t have everything. In other words… Focus.

I would suggest to immerse yourself in books on success, autobiographies on successful people.

When I read this little black book by Michael Jordan, the Worlds Greatest Basketball Player, I was amazed to find out how he did not even make the basketball team in High School. Now you’ll have to read the book for yourself, but Michael Jordan took that failure and practiced like no one else… that is why he ended up playing like no one else.

Michael Jordan took that one HUGE failure (and disappointment) and turned it into a great victory. That failure in High School was his stepping stone to success.

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When I had to have my wife drop off our pre-shooler to the baby sitter every day… and I know that millions of moms do that… But I took ownership of that situation as my own financial failure… I didn’t blame my job for not paying me more… or the goverment for over taxing me, etc. Complaining does nothing for your bank account balances.

I took ownership and looked for legit ways to supplement my income. And I did it with a home based Network Marketing business.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many idiots are out there saying negative things about Network Marketing… maybe you know some of them.

But as far as I knew, the complainers were broke, in debt and living paycheck to paycheck like I was, and could not offer me any advice that I felt I wanted.

Rather, I saw the success of the Network Marketers on the team… and I said… I could enjoy that lifestyle.

So I jumped in, rolled up my sleeves and got busy.

Phase 1: I made just enough so my wife could be a full time mom again. This took me about 4 months.

Phase 2: I made enough that I matched what she was earning just before she quit. That took me another 4 monhts.

Phase 3: I matched what I made at work full time.

Phase 4: I doubled what I was making full time and got out of the equivalent of $60,ooo in debt.

Phase 5: Helped others accomplish similar goals such as mom’s retiring early to be home full time for their children.

I am here to help you in your marketing endeavors. Click the link below to join me and we’ll help you achieve the success that you are looking for.

Please comment below and feel free to leave your 2 cents.

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