Create A Winning Environment – Bringing Out The Best In People -Review

If your involved in ANYTHING with other people working towards a common goal, whether its sports, or a business, or whatever…

In order to consistently win…

You have to create a WINNING ENVIRONMENT

And if you want to be a successful leader, you be the one of creating that Winning Environment

And I would say that includes YOUR FAMILY… Perhaps the most important team in your life!


Quick sidetrack that it is so funny that you can buy even the simplest of calculators and it’s going to come with an instruction manual…

But the most important thing in your life… your kids and there’s no manual! (except perhaps for being in the Word). 

But a great book I give a quick mention here in the video is a good small step towards having that instruction manual for raising positive, success oriented kids. 

As well as for creating a Winning Environment throughout your team.

A valuable book titled: Bringing Out The Best In People
by author: Alan Loy McGinnis is briefly reviewed here.

Also a shout-out to Amy Schmittauer and her new Book: #VLOGLikeaBoss

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