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Power Lead System Training, Archive and Replay Site

Power Lead System Training, Archive and Replay Site

Check out the below video so that you can get the most out of your Power Lead System.

I am posting the video below to show you how to get the regular training available from the Power Lead System and how to access the Replays.

The Power Lead System is a powerful system that allows you to create landing pages, collect emails addresses and send out emails to your list (autoresponder), Track, test, run your campaigns on auto-pilot. Plus is has a lucrative affiliate offer with full disclosure and explanation of the compensation plan that will make it hard for you to sleep when you learn about… from sheer excitement.


Plus, it does not matter what business opportunity you are currently in or promoting. You can be in the all time Original network marketing companies such as Mary Kay, or Avon.

Or involved with Affiliate marketing with Empower Network or some ClickBank products.

And even traditional Brick and Mortar businesses from Restaurants to Real Estate.

Any Business. and the Power Lead System can help you build and promote it.


Whatever it is that you are promoting you need a presence on the internet. (I did not say “you need a website”).

What’s that “Diva Type” expression… “websites are oh so yesterday”. Today you need a Blog and a Sales Funnel.

My opinion is that a Website is like yesterday’s bread sold in a bag with a twist tie around it.

And that a Blog is like today’s fresh baked bread left out on a tray, with it’s aroma filling the entire Bake Shop.

A Blog is attractive to the search engines.

A typical website is designed and left alone… no updates… just pretty to look at.

A typical Blog is updated on a frequent basis adding new content for specific Biz Opps or niches, and getting indexed for the search engines based on the SEO done by the Blogger.

But what good is it if a person hits your Blog to read 1 particular article and never to come back again? That is where the sales funnel comes into play.

Your Sales Funnel will be set by adding an Opt In box on your website for the reader to add minimally their email address which then gets captured into your auto-reponder and then the follow up process can begin.

For instance, you can forward your readers each new Blog post you write.

Or if you find a great affiliate offer that you feel could be helpful to your audience, allowing them to purchase the item and you to profit from their purchase.

Your email list turns in an ATM machine creating cash on demand when you build trust with your email list.

And through the Power Lead System, you can set up the entire sales funnel right from our back office.

Here is the Video training on where to find the video training.

Power Lead System Training, Archive and Replay Site

If your Bills are Residual (passive) And You’re Trading Hours For Dollars, You’ll Never Be Free

Whenever I do a presentation or give a talk, I ask the room what would they come home to if they were to go on a 3 month vacation…

I’ve done this in rooms of 50 people in Hotel Venues and Coliseums of over 7500 people at conventions that I’ve spoken at over the years… and everything in between.

The answer is invariably the same….
… they’d come home to 3 months of bills to pay.

Too Many Bills High Debt

If you understand that, you understand the power of Residuals.

You see, your bills are Residual… or Passive.  You don’t even have to be home, but you will still accumualate Rent/Mortgage, Insurance, Electric bills, Cable/Satelite TV, Water, etc., etc.

In my opinion, the reason why 98% of people cannot retire in financial dignity is due to the fact that they are trying to pay Bills that are Residual with Income that is based on trading your time for someone else’s dollars.

For example, if your doctor arbitrarily sent you a bill for sevices NOT RENDERED… would you pay it?… NO!

So, your doctor has to invest his time in you, before he earns an income from you. And when your doctor stops investing his time in treating patience, he stops makeing money… but he still has his Residual bills coming in.

And a doctor, lawyer, etc. are known to have high income, but they have to trade hours for dollars in the same way that the clerk or secretary, have to trade hours for dollars… They are just getting more dollars for their hours.

But in my opinion, the doctor the Lawyer, other high income professionals are still not free. They still have Shackles… Their Shackles might be Golden Shackles versus the Clerks iron Shackles, but Shackles are Shackles are Shackles.

Practically everyone has heard one form or another of the U.S. Social Security Department Statistics. And you can check the study online for yourself. But it goes something like this (but again, check online for the accurate details of it), that about 95% of Americans are either dead or dead broke by the time they reach retirment age. And that about 3% are still working after retirment age, while only 2% get to retire in financial dignity.

There are so many factors that come into influencing the outcome of ones retirement, early or not… but the biggest factor is making smart decisions.

One important factor is to set up a passive savings method, such as maxing out your 401k (or 403b or whatever is available to you) contributions at the very beginning of your career. And if you didn’t start early, and your already in your 40’s, 50’s or older… it’s never too late to start…

… But more importantly, it never too early to start. JUST DO IT ASAP…

Make More Money

Secondly, earn more than you spend. This will keep you out of debt.

And third, get involved in some type of business that can give you recurring income. If you create a recurring income for yourself and your family, that is equal or bettery yet, greater than your passives bills, you will start to experience financil freedom.

Imagine that you’ve worked in Network Marketing, MLM or Internet Marketing, and you were able to create a recurring income that was equal to or greater than all your monthly bills,…

… then you can put your entire job Paycheck into the bank.

Do that for a year… and you can start feeling pretty comfortable with the security that comes with have a huge safety net in your savings account.

I have more to add to this blog, so come back and check on it… or I may do a part 2 or series on it.

In the meantime, read below for some of the best methods that I’ve found for setting up a recurring income for yourself and your family utilizing the internet.

Here’s the best Opp I found that you can start with… why? because you need a profitable high converting offer.

Here it is:

Click here for immediate access

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There are a few resons this is a high converting offer. First and foremost to note, it was multiple years in development.

Here’s the benefits to the  novice / newbie  Online Internet Marketer:

Step by step walk through to set up your high converting funnel. All over-the-shoulder-training.

When you are done with the set-up videos, you will know exactly what the “guru-marketers” know on setting up ever-green funnels.

Then all you need to do is send traffic… we teach you how to send Free Traffic through Facebook, Craigslist, etc.

We also show you paid through our affiliate Solo Ads, Co-Ops, etc.

Click here for immediate access

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Benefit to the Intermediate Internet Marketer:

This will show you how to gather up ALL-THE-THINGS you are doing right now… and organize yourself into a step by step daily action plan to follow to get you into profit as soon as possible.

Benefit to Guru, Seasoned, Top-Earning Internet Marketer: 

As a Top-Earner, I had the skillset to get into immediate profit and recruit a large team in a short amount of time, but my biggest frustration was seeing my team not being able to get into profit as quickly. With this system, you will finally have the ability to bring on novice/newbie internet marketers and help them get into profit as soon as possible.

Click here for immediate access

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Stay awesome,
Vic Mann.

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