The 5 Things That Millionaires do Before Breakfast

Paraphrasing Benjamin Franklin, he said: “Early to bed and Early to Rise Makes a Person Healthy Wealthy and Wise”.

I think that’s cool, but I am a night person, aka: Nite Owl.

And then there are some folks that work nights… so what are they… S.O.L.? -you’re gonna have to look that one up as this Blog is RATED PG ¬†ūüôā

So as my daughters used to say when they reached about 13 years old… “So what’s your point dad?”

My point is that whatever time it is that you wake up, if you get in the action habit of doing at least these 5 things, you can create more abundance in you and your families life.

You can accelerate your success by evaluating you habits upon waking up… when your brain and your thoughts tend to be clearer.

So figure out what it is that you do now upon waking up and preventing you from creating more abundance in your life and make room for these 5 things that Millionaires do before breakfast.


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Wake Up Earlier Than Needed To Just Getting Ready For Work

Successful people don’t waste time because they understand how valuable it is. They get up earlier than just to get ready to go to work. ¬†A study by Laura Vanderkam of 20 executives found that 18 out of 20 of these executives wake up before 6 am on weekdays and use that time in the morning ¬†to accomplish personal To Do’s.

A good example would be Bob Iger, Disney CEO  who wakes at 4:30AM to spend time reading.

While Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square wakes at 5:30 to exercise.

I’ve been a work-at-home-dad for over 7 years but in my Corporate years, I’ve worked regular Day time hours, but I’ve also done years of Shift work in Computer I.T.

I worked 4pm to mid-night, and mid-night to 8AM for a few years. And I also worked a 3 day – 12 hour day rotating work week, both night a day shifts.

The bottom line would have been simple for me or anyone else working these shifts… is don’t get up just in time to get ready for work and run out the door. Get up earlies to do something for your future goals.


You can check out this Huffington Post¬†article to see the benefits of when to exercise. But working out will help give you more mental clarity for hours. Also, working out before breakfast¬†is the best way to get your metabolism into high gear and burn more fat as a lot of studies show. It’s a great way to reduce stress and a good feeling knowing you got it done.

Make a “To Do” List

I am so into To Do List, that there are times I add items to my To Do that I already did. ¬†Making your To Do list also helps organize your thoughts, and if you’re anything like me, there is a constant deluge of distractions pulling us in all different directions. You can totally loose momentum of what was really important. Having made a To Do List will get you right back on Track. If you read Steve Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” you know that often time the URGENT things in life always detract us from the IMPORTANT things in life.

An example of an URGENT task – a pipe burst in your home and you’ve got to fix it

An example of an IMPORTANT task – getting a new traffic campaign started to your Sales Funnel

You obviously need to get to the URGENT immediately! And these are the things that detract us from the IMPORTANT.

The IMPORTANT is what will create abundance in your life and that is why you need to create a To Do List so you can stay on task.

Write All You Goals Down

There was a long term study on 3 types of people:

1- Those that had no goals

2- Those that had goals but didn’t write them down

3- Those that had goals and DID write them down.

At the end of the long term multi decade study, they found that those with Goals were more successful than those without goals.

And that those with Goals and Wrote down those Goals were more successful those that did NOT write down their Goals.

Bottom line is Have Goals and Write them down. Even The Good Book says: “Record the vision And inscribe it on tablets”

Writing your goals will keep them fresh in your mind so you will continue to work towards them. There is power in putting pen to paper. Decide what your goals, write them down and then focus on them.

Quality Time with Your Family

Quality time with the family doesn’t only have to be in the evening? A lot of successful people use the mornings to connect with their family. Connecting could be anything from having breakfast together, getting in your morning workout together, to helping your kids get ready for school.

Finding balance in your Life is important.  And spending time with the family is probably the most important thing you can do. If get home in the evening and too tired to spend time with family, try making it part of your morning routine instead.

Although no matter how tired I am, when I get around my family that I love, I get energized. Often tired is a frame of mind.



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Create A Winning Environment – Bringing Out The Best In People -Review

If your involved in ANYTHING with other people working towards a common goal, whether its sports, or a business, or whatever…

In order to consistently win…

You have to create a WINNING ENVIRONMENT

And if you want to be a successful leader, you be the one of creating that Winning Environment

And I would say that includes YOUR FAMILY… Perhaps the most important team in your life!


Quick sidetrack that it is so funny that you can buy even the simplest of calculators and it’s going to come with an instruction manual…

But the most important thing in your life… your kids and there’s no manual! (except perhaps for being in the Word).¬†

But a great book I give a quick mention here in the video is a good small step towards having that instruction manual for raising positive, success oriented kids. 

As well as for creating a Winning Environment throughout your team.

A valuable book titled: Bringing Out The Best In People
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