When opportunity meets preparedness…

To finish that phrase:
When opportunity meets preparedness…
….Success comes!!
My almost 10+ years experience in the networking business niche I can see from a birds-eye view why some people succeed and others don’t.
Example 1: Opportunity is there, preparedness is not
A lot of times people are presented a Biz-Op from a friend and they join on a whim… It was like buying that magazine at the grocery checkout because of a eye-catching headline:
Elvis Sighted in Utah!
Like the impulse buy of the person at the checkout counter, the freind got into the Biz-Op on impulse… …they weren’t prepared when the right opportunity came along, so they quickly quit at the first sight of any work to do…  and they sometimes quit with a bad taste in their mouth for any future Biz-Ops.
Example 2: Preparedness is there, but opportunity isn’t
Then there is the person that is sick and tired of being sick and tired. He goes from job to job, living paycheck to paycheck… they’re ready for a change… but there is no opportunity…
This is the kind of person that takes to Google and starts looking for a Biz-Op.

But there is sooooooo  much noise on the internet…. that person is going to spend money and loose time buying into all the guru’s on the internet… with empty promises of getting themselves rich without any work.
Well, you know the saying: if is sounds too good to be true…
I created my multiple six figure income by providing value to my team… for caring for other peoples success. I spent tens of thousands on courses,
seminars, webinars, live-events, audio’s, you name it.
I’ve spent so much time on bad stuff… but I have to say… I’ve also got tons of good stuff in return.
What would I change if I had to do it all over again
Everything  🙂   I mean… looking back I should have been less independant and hooked up with a successful mentor sooner.
Like I always say: Experience is a great teacher…. especially when it’s someone else’s experience.
A mentor does not have to be someone that holds your hand while telling you to do Step A, followed by Step B and so on. Sometimes a mentor could be that of a business system.
And what I promote now is the number one Online Business system there is in my opinion. And that is the Empower Network merger together with the iPAS2 system. The training available to you in the back office is worth loads of mentoring.
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