Internet Marketing Cost Due Diligence Part 1

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Before jumping into any business, including trying Internet marketing, you should do an:

Internet Marketing Cost Due Diligence

so that you know the cost up front…

You may be surprised at what you would end up spending.

Now, if you don’t do the Internet Marketing Cost Analysis up front, a couple of things can happen.

1- You may find out that it cost more than you wanted to invest… or more money  than you had available within your budget.

Internet Marketing Cost Analysis

At this point a person may throw in the towel loss, and quit… and then end up right back to where they started from…. except for a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars less in their bank account….

Ouch… maybe you could’ve bought a nice running used car instead of waisting that money.

Internet Marketing Cost Analysis

~ OR ~

2- You may say, well I’ve invested this much I just have to continue on…
but with a limited budget, and thereby crimping your chances of success.

But either way, it is not the right way to start a new business venture. 
You would not start a McDonalds, or for that matter, any franchise 
in this manner. 

Any reputable Franchise will do the due-diligence with you/for you 
before letting you start... so take a page out of that book...
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Do your due-diligence first before starting, and hopefully this post will help you with that due diligence. So lets talk about it... Often in our journey to earn an income online the first step is to do a google search. And the first sites you will find will be those of the seasoned veterans that have been making an income online for a very long time. Their websites have the advantage of "age" behind them which can be checked here: And they have the advantage of backlinks "like a popularity contest for websites" behind them. Which helps give them a high ranking which can be checked here: These veterans... aka... the gurus, have a knack for making it look push button simple, without revealing cost, etc. I have been online for a number of years now, but started out in a traditional MLM Networking Marketing business doing, often times, 30,000 miles a year on my cars for my belly-to-belly presentations I would do. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Click Here to check out my video here on my 4 Step process in creating success and duplication in your offline networking business. 
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Then when I originally got started in my Online business, it was 
"ONLY" to help me get more Leads for my Networking business. 

But... and this is a BIG BUT... 
(not to be confused with this Sir Mix-A-Lot video)
I ended up investing thousands of dollars to learn the process... 

A major part of the process is learning how to set up your funnel.

I've got a bunch of videos on this too which I share with my List and Team. 

But because of my already high income in my original Networking 
business, and the fact that I was a stay-at-home dad... I had both Time 
and Money to invest in learning all the ins and outs to Internet Marketing.

I can you say that I didn't take my own advice on doing the 
due-diligence and 

Internet Marketing Cost Analysis

So with most folks on my List / Team they don't have this same luxury 
of time and money that I did, and that is why I am a huge promoter of 
helping my Team greatly eliminate the learning curve it takes to be 
success with Internet Marketing. 

I started the process not to make money with Internet Market, but 
simply to get more Leads for my Networking business.

But, there was a HUGE SERENDIPITY in the process... I made a 
bunch of money with Internet Marketing... Wow, talk about a pleasant 
surprise... it felt better than putting on last years Winter jacket and finding 
$100 dollars in the pocket!!!

And of course, I also ended up accomplishing what I originally set out 
to do, and that was get thousands of new, hungry, prospects for my 
MLM / Network Marketing business... blowing up my income there too!!

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Internet Marketing Cost Due Diligence Part 2 and Part 3  - For the break down 
of the actual numbers and cost and how to minimize not only 
your cost for this awesome, fun and lucrative income method, 
but also how to reduce your learning curve.

Internet Marketing Cost Analysis