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Say the date April 15th to anyone and they immediately think of taxes.

But smart business owners know that is not the only time to be thinking about tax time.

And actually, Incoprporated business owners file their taxes quarterly, with the big day being March 15th.

One of the biggest mistakes I see marketers and home business owners make is waiting to speak with a qualified tax accountant! It’s soooooo important to find someone you trust and is knowledgeable within your industry.

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As a home based business owner for many years, I’ve been through my share of accountants.

With many prior accountants I sometimes would find myself trying to explain to them my Home Based Networking business and how it works… and, believe it or not, I even heard from some of my prior accountants… things like:  “oh, okay… like a pyramid”…
Ughhh… whatever.

You are never to small to start thinking and preparing for when you will be big.  After all, whey would you start a business if you did not think that at one point you will have a very large and profitable business. So it’s important to make sure you have every aspect of your business in line!

Doing your taxes incorrectly is illegal. They need to be done right by someone that understands business, and business owners, home based businesses, MLM, Network Marketing, Internet Marketing, Affiliate, CPA, etc.
 Elevation Tax Group is an accounting firm that specializes personal and corporate taxes, traditional and  home based businesses, and have been working with some of the top earners in our industry for years!
My years with Elevation Tax Group has been refreshing to work with a team that understands the Home Business Industry.
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I found that the up front cost is way less than what I was paying previous accountants, and it is paid by spreading the payment over 12 months with Un-Limited phone support throughout the entire year.
A simple conversation here, anytime of the year could make a huge difference come tax time!
Have you taken advantage of the deductions you qualify for as a business owner?
Most miss a significant amount when they file taxesI made the same mistake early on and it probably cost me thousands!
It’s easy to simply not pay attention and file. BUT… It can mean thousands of dollars in the average person’s situation.
I am happy paying my fare share but enjoy keeping what I am entitled to keep.

If you aren’t 100% confident about your tax situation, click the link here!