3 Reasons Affiliate Marketing Is The Right Way To Start Your Online Business

3 Reasons Affiliate Marketing Is The Right Way To Start Your Online Business

Sooooooo many new folks (sometimes referred to as “newbies”) get introduced to Affiliate Marketing by typing “how to make money online” into Google.

Lets see how many. Below is the search from Google Keyword Planner tool and I simply typed “how to make money online”.

1- The graph shows consistent searches every month

2- we see over 40,500 searches of the exact term

3- over 14,800 searchs of the term “way’s to make money online”



Then when we go over to Google and we do the search we find over 10 million search results of the exact term as you can see I enclosed it in quotes.

Obviously, the task of finding the right opportunity can be daunting.


There are a lots of methods to generate income online; however they all fall into one of two classifications. You’re either going to be marketing items or offering services. If you want to construct a long-lasting business, then item marketing is the path that you wish to go, with affiliate marketing being the best method to start. Here are the:

3 Reasons Affiliate Marketing Is The Right Way To Start Your Online Business

1)  You Get To Test What Works

Regardless of what many emails and also sales letters like to claim, there is a precise knowing curve when it concerns Internet marketing. The success of your company will certainly depend on just how quick you get over that contour, as well as whether your business makes it through the very early speed bumps. Chances are that you have a lasting business endeavor in thoughts, something that you would certainly like to invest everyday doing. Do you truly wish to risk the stability (and also fun) of that suggestion by seriously trying to make it function? Obviously not! Affiliate marketing enables you to learn the ropes with other items and also particular niches, securing your “big idea”.

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A quick side-track is that I got started offline in traditional Network Marketing and almost immediately took action.  This got me into profit in a short time. Then I applied the same principles to Internet and Affiliate Marketing and learned early-on that the money is in the list. I found that a lot of Internet Marketing guru’s look at “the list” as numbers. My traditional Network Marketing background got me looking at my list as “real people that Opted-In to my list to receive value”.

At first glance, Internet and Affiliate Marketing looked easy, but I found out it wasn’t as easy as it looked. To do it right, you need to set up a landing page which consisted of getting:

  • A Domain name
  • A hosting account
  • Landing page creation software
  • An Auto-responder
  • Auto-responder follow up sequence that you write or pay a copy writer
  • Tracking software
  • A high converting offer
  • A way process payments, etc.

Needless to say there’s a huge learning curve and the reason that most folks quit before getting into profit.

That’s why I started my Power Lead System which consist of all of the necessary tools listed above with un-parallel training in the back-office. We give you the chance to sign up for free and use the fully functional system.

Click on this link and see our video showing you how to use it to get into profit as soon as possible.

I am a real person. I have been a work-at-home dad for the last 6 years.
And although I have created a high multiple 6 figure income doing so,
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2)  You Can Figure Out Where Passion And Profit Meets

Every person has something that they’re enthusiastic about. You may not understand it; but the things that you like, regardless of what they are, can be developed into a feasible business. You simply need to be able to discover the marketplace within your interest as well as determine exactly what products this market is willing to acquire online. This is one more “screening” aspect that makes affiliate marketing a terrific base for several marketing experts. By yourself, you would certainly need to frequently develop brand-new products to test, never recognizing if your financial investment is worthwhile. By associating with other item developers, you obtain the danger that has creating your very own products. You could figure out exactly what elements of your particular niche are worth generating income from, and also when you determine what jobs you could develop your very own option and succeed!

3)  Variety Is The Key To Establishing Your Business

Around 75 % of new activities do not survive their very first 3 years after facility. This fact is harder to track online; but the number is believed to be even greater. There is a reduced barrier for entry when it comes to on-line activity, as well as those who do not have a strong strategy or education and learning fizzle out promptly. Exactly how do you prevent this fate? The solution is two-fold. To begin with, you have to expand your business as much as possible. By having endeavors in multiple particular niches, you secure yourself when it come to a product idea not panning out or a specific niche unexpectedly drying out. To make all this work though, you require a great education and learning. You don’t know just what you don’t know, and you need an individual who has already succeeded to reveal you the ropes when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Thankfully, there are excellent instructors out there. You just need to recognize where to look.

The Number 1 Tip to Follow

Lastly, what you need to know is that when promoting any affiliate product, while you can make money, a true internet marketer is focused on collecting emails and building their list. In order to do this, you need a sales funnel. This consist of sending traffic to a landing page where visitors will have the opportunity to put in their email address.

Once they put in their email, then they we be re-directed to the your affiliate link sales page. Now, they may decide not to buy, or simply get distracted away from the sales page… but now you have their email address added to your auto-responder and you have the ability to follow up with them.

And over time, as you send them emails, they get to know-like-and-trust you and that increases your chance of converting them into a lifelong, loyal customer.

The best product I know of that will allow you to create high converting funnels, with tracking, auto-responder, etc. is here:


Not only will it allow you to creat high converting Sales Funnels, but additionally, you can market the product as an affiliate link.

3 Reasons Affiliate Marketing Is The Right Way To Start Your Online Business

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